Monday, January 24, 2011

MMM: Banana Brownie Waffles

With one sick Princess and a day of no school thanks to the memory of Martin Luther King, I actually had a little time to spend in the kitchen. Due to an excess of bananas which had over ripened with time, I heard the call of the Meal Makeover Moms from within the depths of the "No Whine with Dinner" cookbook where I found a recipe for Banana Brownie Waffles. Needless to say any recipe with a fruit or vegetable listed in it did not excite my two youngest daughters. 

"Bananas? I'll pass" said Sunshine. 

Hollywood trying to hide
from the camera
I garnered the assistance of my oldest daughter, Hollywood, in the creation of Banana Brownie Waffles. Just as inexperienced as her mother, Hollywood made a mess of the kitchen while following the recipe - just as her mother would. We mixed together the liquids. We made the flour dust fly. A good time for us both as we bonded in the kitchen. 

Because she didn't have any schedule to follow on Monday, Hollywood was a little lax about finding her way to the shower. So when I pulled out the camera she hid behind her the hood of her dance team sweatshirt. The picture looks quite creepy when you see Camo-Man's hand trying to pluck the hood off of her head, but he wasn't quick enough. Hollywood prevailed and kept her head covered. 

Is it a bad sign that when I pulled out the Belgian waffle maker Hollywood said she didn't even know we had one? We used to make Belgian waffles all of the time, but like most things in the kitchen it all started to feel quite overwhelming and the pure joy of light fluffy Belgian waffles came to an end. 

The finished product!
When Sunshine came home from her all day Lord of the Rings viewing event with her friends, I asked her if she was going to try the waffles. She promptly said no she didn't like bananas.

And then a little lie escaped my lips.

"Oh well, when I read the recipe closer, the bananas were meant to be sliced up on top of the waffles. So you don't even have to have them." I said with a sly warning look at Hollywood.

On Tuesday morning, Sunshine tried the waffles and LOVED THEM! Later she told me she could see the bananas in the waffles and knew I had lied to her. I guess we need to have Hollywood work on her banana mashing skills. Sadly, Hollywood doesn't get ready in time to have a light tasty waffle for breakfast. At the age of 15, she takes FOREVER to get ready for school and she usually eats scrambled eggs in the car on the way. With Princess still feeling ill, I didn't push the waffles on her, but I tried them and gave them a huge thumbs up. I am not a huge chocolate fan and thought I wouldn't like them, but the chocolate taste was not overwhelming and I really enjoyed them. 

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  1. Those look yummy!!!!!! Would you please, please send me that one!?!?!?!