Monday, January 17, 2011

Training in Rhapsody

Because I couldn't make it to many of the group trainings last week, I decided to hop on my bike Sunday and make up for lost time. I put in Tudors (Season 1 this time) and set off. The training plan was 

Warmup - Ride 5 to 10 minutes at about 70%
Main Set - Ride 5 minutes @ 77% then ride 5 minutes @ 83%. Then repeat until you reach 40 minutes or a total of 4 at each level.
Cooldown - Ride 5 minutes progressively easier

Now because I tend to procrastinate, I didn't get to the basement in time to do the whole thing. I had to cut my main set short. I only get 2 intervals in instead of the full four because Hollywood had to go to a birthday party. 
Dolfin Uglies Rhapsody

While Princess & I were the only ones home, I spent some time scouting the internet for a new swim suit. When Sunshine swam competitively, we discovered Dolfin Uglies which are made of 91% polyester and last way longer than regular swim suits. When you are in the water 3-6 days a week having a long lasting suit is a requirement. I ordered the Dolfin Uglies Rhapsody suit from Swim Outlet. Ahhh! I can't wait to get my new suit in the mail. My old one is half eaten through by the chlorine and I have to double up on my suits so I don't scare the young lifeguards with their nice, tight, non-stretch-marked skin. 

Inspired by my new suit which was inching my way I went to the pool for some laps and completed 1300 yards. Here is my workout from Learn to Swim on Beginner Triathlete.

  • 2x100 warm up swim              :45 seconds rest between each 100
  • 4x100 (25 kick/25 Fist Drill/25 easy swim/25 fast swim) With :60 seconds rest after each 100
  • 4 x 100 pull + 50 swim             With :60 seconds rest after each 150
  • 100 cool down swim
All in all a good workout day. Princess is still running a fever and I think a visit to the doctor is necessary on Monday. :(

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