Friday, January 21, 2011

Roller Coaster

My high school biology teacher used to say, 
"Life is a roller coaster of emotions." 

I couldn't agree with him more as I've gained much more maturity and perspective on life. AND Sometimes it's the small things in life - the small rise on the coaster - which can give us the most humor.

With three young daughters, I worry constantly about teaching them about the roller coaster of life, the peaks & the valleys....and sometimes you have to sit back with a glass of wine, kick your feet up and have a brief chuckle.

Notice the distance between the van
and the parking lines
Now that she's received her driver's permit, Hollywood is giving me more reason to worry and even more reason to laugh. Last night, Hollywood drove us to Hobby Lobby to get a plain white t-shirt for her to tie dye with the dance team. Just as we pulled into the parking lot, I received a text from Sunshine saying they were on the way home from her volleyball game. I knew we had to hurry, but this is ridiculous! I asked Hollywood to park and she steered into the middle of the empty parking lot, came to a stop and got out. I had to chuckle when I looked at the car and noticed her poor parking job. Not only was she skewed to the right side of the parking space, but she is also 5' away from the front line. Oh yes! We have much learning to do in order to become an efficient and responsible driver. 

On another note, the weekend brings a very important event to our household: the NFC Championship game between the Packers and the Bears. One cannot live in Wisconsin without becoming a Packer fan. Living in Illinois as a Packer fan can be very....entertaining to say the least. Our high school principal posted the following on Facebook:
Blue and orange day at work tomorrow! Go Bears!!! Packer fans, since they are not used to indoor plumbing, can stay in the parking lot.
So Camo-Man and Princess chose their wardrobe very carefully: 


  1. The timing of this post is so interesting considering the events of today...more peaks and valleys and all good tools to educate our children.

    But I do have to say...GO BEARS! ;)

  2. I've thought about that too. All I can hear is "Life is a roller coaster of emotions." I am praying for the families who have lost their children today. An unbelievable tragedy.