Thursday, January 20, 2011

MMM: Chocolatey Pumpkin Bars

Hollywood tries the bars
Princess is not so sure.

As the weather started to change, the cravings for carbs started to ramp up. After looking through "No Whine with Dinner", I decided to make a recipe from the Snack Attack section, Chocolately Pumpkin Bars. I love a simple recipe and this is one I could whip together in no time. 

Unfortunately, Sunshine had to miss out on the recipe testing due to basketball practice, but Princess stood her ground even without her mischievous partner and picked it apart before tasting a corner of the bar. She suspiciously eyed the chocolate chips as if they were raisins which were going to revolt and attack from inside the bar.  

The Review: 2 thumbs up!
Camo-Man & Hollywood loved the bars as did I. I thought they were moist and tasty - and a little too handy to have around. Man, I've got to work on my self control! Just because you see it on the counter doesn't mean you have to eat it!
Princess just had to be difficult

Surprisingly, Princess gave it a mixed review with two thumbs kind of up. I think she liked them, but didn't want to fully admit it. Maybe I should hide the names from her until we get a full review...Pumpkin probably threw her off. Or maybe that was supposed to be her street look!

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  1. Sounds good to me!! Please send me the recipe when you have time!