Friday, July 6, 2012

Adjusting for Heat

Preparing for the heat on race day starts before the day of the event actually arrives. Planning for the heat is key to successfully crossing the finish line without the "woulda, coulda, shouldas". I want to cross the finish line at Ironman Muncie satisfied that I did the best I could under the circumstances.

The circumstances for Saturday? Weather in Muncie is now predicted to be 99. (Ugh I feel myself melting already.) So, what's an Endorphin Addict to do? Make adjustments.

1) Hydration: There is no time like the present to work on your hydration. A cool glass of ice water will be my constant companion for the next 48 hours. During the race, my aero bottle will be constantly filled with ice cold water as there is nothing better than clear, cold water to quench your thirst on the bike. I will also have another bottle on hand with Hammer Heed as well.

2) Sodium: Hammer Endurolytes - 2 capsules before the start of the race. Two capsules every hour during the race. Remember my goal? No cramps all the way to the finish line!

3) Adjust pace: On the bike, I will be using heart rate to monitor my progress and effort. The heat and humidity can elevate your heart rate so watching the upper limit will be key to staying in my zone even if it means my MPH are slower than expected. For the run pace needs to be adjusted 3 seconds per mile for every 5 degrees over 65. With temperatures expected to be around 99, that's almost a 33 second per mile adjustment.

4) What to wear? After last weekend's challenging bike ride in Louisville, I ordered two new products which I hope will help me manage the heat.

Desoto Cool Wings
First I ordered the Desoto Cool Wings. Another T3 member has the cool wings and wore them on Saturday during our ride. The material keeps the moisture close to your skin rather than wicking it away. According to Desoto,

As you sweat, the special moisture-radiating composition actually offers a cooling effect by dissipating the moisture through channels to the outside of the fabric and just the slightest breeze will cool you down. The fabric will be wet, yet you will be cool.
During the L'ville ride, I felt heat across my shoulder and neck. I'm hoping the Cool Wings will help keep my body temperature down and create a cooling affect which will help me handle the heat a little bit better than last weekend.
Skin Cooler Helmet Beanie
Second I ordered the Desoto Skin Cooler Helmet Beanie. The beanie fits under your helmet during the bike ride to help keep your head cool.

Hopefully, both of these products will arrive today and then we'll see how they work against the heat this weekend with a product review posted next week.

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