Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Giving you the Stink Eye

As soon as I got off the bike in Louisville on Saturday, I started feeling the itch, but I initially thought it was just my imagination. By the time I woke up Sunday morning, there was no denying it. The hives were back. I spent Sunday and most of Monday downing Benadryl every four hours. Unfortunately, the medicine only seemed to work for about two and then they were back.

My Stink Eye
After several phone calls back and forth, my doctor prescribed an over the counter Zantac 150 two times a day and a much more powerful prescription for me to take before bedtime. The nurse gave me full warning to only take the prescription before bed because "it will knock you out".

I started my first Zantac in the afternoon prior to teaching my three classes for the evening: Zumba, Body Flow and Body Pump. When I finished Zumba, one of my class participants told me I should go home and put an ice compress on my eye before it swells shut. Oh, yes! There is nothing quite like scaring your class participants!

I did teach my other two classes, but came directly home to take my medicine and go to bed. I set my alarm for 5:30 am hoping I could get up and get a run in; however, when my alarm went off, I could barely open my left. Cursing silently, I got up to get a cold wash cloth to put over my eye and went back to bed.

Yesterday while waiting for my doctor to call me back, I did what every red blooded American does when they are curious about a medical condition. I googled "heat exercise hives" and discovered an article on Wikipedia for Cholinergic Urticaria. Now I'm not saying this is what is happening to me, but it sure does feel familiar. The two times I've broken out in hives have been immediately following 7+ hours of biking on a hot summer day.

When I think about it, I have had a spot on the back of my left thigh for the last two summers which breaks out. I've always thought it had to do with the sweat and sitting on vinyl chairs. I've just treated it with Cortaid and have been able to continue with my day, but now I wonder if that was the beginning of my issue.

It does worry me that my body is reacting in this way. Tell me exactly how I'm supposed to train for an Ironman in August without sweating. For now, my plan is rest. I am supposed to be racing in Ironman 70.3 Muncie on Saturday. I'm hoping to rest and let the medicine do its work before race day. Let's just hope the full effect of the antihistamines kicks in and I don't end up with hives next weekend as well.

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