Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Muncie Finisher Photos and Swag

I received an email from FinisherPix today stating my Ironman Muncie pictures were now online. I had to go check them out immediately. Finish photos are usually pretty funny to look at. You never know what you may find. Most race photography companies identify you by your bib number and possibly a photo imaging software.

Here is a shot of me (kind of) leaving the water of the Prairie Creek Reservoir. Luckily, my T3 uniform makes me a little more noticeable compared to a lot of people who are wearing black in the open water. Just ignore the big guy in front of me. Can't you see the joy on my face that I am FINALLY out of the water?
Of course, I'm not sure where I might be in this picture, but thank you very much. Yes, yes I have been working on my man boobs. Don't my pecs look nice?
If you look ever so closely, you can see a shot of my left thigh behind Captain Cave Man in the purple tri outfit. Is my thigh sexy? Yes! Will I buy this picture? Probably not. 
Oh, Hey, look!!! That's me!!!! Although it still looks like I haven't learned how to put my helmet on correctly. 
Someone must have been very bored on the bike course because I found a lot of pictures of me on the bike. I swear these are the same pictures. I even eliminated some, but I was curious to see if they caught my full bike pedal motion to see if I still drive with my toes on the bike.

At 6 and 12....
Almost at 9 and 3....

Hard to tell but based on my left foot I would say Yes.
Still driving with my toes instead of my heel on the downward stroke.
Hmm, random picture thrown in there. Which one of us
is not like the others? I could swear I was wearing marroon. 


Remember how I said Ironman 70.3 37.2 Muncie was going to be a race rehearsal for IMLOU? Well, I've even thought about what I wanted my finisher photo to look like. I want to look triumphant, joyous, thrilled to have completed such a monumental task. According to Dimity and Sarah of Another Mother Runner, you should throw both arms up straight in the air in a high V. I tried to practice for my IMLOU finisher photo, but I decided to throw my right arm up and pump my fist as if I killed this course!!!

This is what I got for a finisher photo.
Checking my Garmin
Yep, I hit the stop button. 
BOOYAH!!! Finally a good picture although I think the photographer was frustrated with me. I just kept walking, smiling, but walking. I don't know why my brain didn't process the fact that I should have stopped so he could focus his camera.
Hey look! It's a shiny medal! Purty.
And finally the swag shots.
Can I borrow a sharpie to change it to 37.2?
The swag is nice, but I feel like a liar. The heat may have made it feel like I did, but I did not complete 70.3 miles. Instead, it was a measly 37.2. I'm sure I'll get over it just like I got over my epic swim failure at the Gateway Olympic Triathlon. Now I wear that shirt as a badge of honor to show my triumph over my panic in the open water. Maybe someday I'll feel like wearing my Muncie shirt, but I have a feeling it will probably have to wait until after I wear my 140.6 first. \

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