Thursday, July 19, 2012

Buying the Ironman Farm

Because I used basic math in yesterday's post, I thought maybe we would decipher a more difficult problem today. How about a word problem? Did I tell you that I love math? Mrs. Leach really was a fantastic high school teacher and I still remember a lot of what she taught us even today.

So back to our word problem. Let's calculate the speed at which one vehicle will close in on another. One mode of transportation, D, is traveling at 15 miles per hour. A second vehicle, T, is traveling in the same direction and traveling at 60 miles per hour. Vehicle T is 100 yards behind D. How long will it take for vehicle T to close in on D? Oh, and don't forget to take into account that D is traveling up a small incline and speed is slowly decelerating.

Now don't miscalculate this. An error in your math could cause you to look like a bug on T's windshield...SMASHED.

I miscalculated during my bike ride on Wednesday. I saw the bumper of a service truck come within a few feet of Dolce's rear tire. It was an error which, needless to say, caused my heart rate to spike. Just as I'm sure it also affected the driver of the service truck. Believe me, I am sure if his window had been down I would have heard more than a few choice words coming from his mouth. I was truly scared at the thought that I almost made a fatal error.

Instead of finding me in Louisville, KY fighting for my right to call myself an Ironman, you almost had to come find me buried with my parents in Oak Ridge  Cemetery. Or maybe I could convince my dear sweet husband (who will probably lecture me after reading this and then worry incessantly for the next 38 days) to bury me along side Ballard School Road in front of one of those beautiful horse farms so that I can cheer on my fellow T3 teammates on August 26th.

Thankful for God's grace on my ride, I decided the open road was not for me today. I came home via the best back roads I could find. I finished my workout at home on the treadmill. Not only did I not want to be out on the road, but I was looking to avoid the heat. A 30 minute brick on the treadmill is just what I needed to bring focus once again to my workout.

Looking like a goon, but keeping the sweat out of my eyes
As of Wednesday, my hives are slightly better. I hate to say it for fear of having to eat my words. My legs and arms are not itching much at all. The skin above and below my eyes is dry and scaly, but the redness and swelling are starting to reduce. I used the Desoto beanie again to keep my head cool during my scary ride and paired it with a headband which I pulled low over my forehead in order reduce the amount of sweat pouring down my forehead and into my eyes.

Once again, I am singing God's praises and thanking Him for watching over me today. I did indeed learn a valuable lesson: Don't be stupid.

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