Friday, July 13, 2012

My Favorite Health & Fitness Podcasts

If you have been forced fortunate enough to talk to me about health and or fitness, you have probably heard me say things like "podcast" or "blog". Sometimes when I say these things, people look at me like I'm speaking French.

I thought I would share some of my favorite podcasts. I listen to podcasts while in the car or while working out. Listening to a podcast allows my mind to focus on something other than the pain that I'm in while running 6 miles or doing speed work.

Most of these podcasts can be found on iTunes or on the Stitcher on the go app which you can download on to your ipod/ipad/iphone. With iTunes, you do have to download the podcast and then sync to your phone which is why I really like Stitcher. There is no downloading. You can open the Stitcher app on your electronic device, create a "station", save the podcast as a Favorite to the station, and then listen on the go. No downloading involved. Occasionally, I do have problems with listening on Stitcher because I am in an area where my phone service provider is not all that strong, but overall I really love the app.

So, what do I listen to? In my Health & Nutrition Station, I have the following fitness podcasts:

  1. >Jillian Michaels Podcast: #1 on my list because if you've talked to me about health & fitness you've heard me say, "Jillian Michaels is a fitness god and she says...."
  2. Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy: Dr. Adam Shafron (aka Dr. Fitness) and Lee Kantor (the Fat Guy) make healthy living fun for everyone. The podcast is a educational, but incredibly funny. If you see me burst into laughter while out running, you now know that I am listening to this podcast.
  3. Another Mother Radio: A professional podcast put out each week by two running moms, Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell. This podcast offers training insights and gets real about managing a family while running.
  4. Endurance Planet and Endurance Hour podcast: Two different podcasts which are geared more toward the endurance athletes. Endurance Planet explores triathlons as well as ultra-running. The Endurance Hour podcast focuses on triathlons including Ironman, UTI and Rev3. 
  5. Ben Greenfield Fitness: Ben Greenfield coaches and trains individuals for weight loss as well as sports performance. Ben is also involved in the Rock Star Academy and Get Fit Guy podcsts. He's a regular contributor to Endurance Planet as well. Ben uses holistic methods to enable his clients to reach their optimal performance. 
  6. Garden Variety Triathlon podcast: A podcast for triathletes powered by plants. Now I'm not a vegan; however, I still like hearing about his training and his nutrition. 
  7. Half Size Me: This is a podcast I just found this morning. So I can't give a recommendation on  the podcast as a whole (yet!); however, I LOVED the podcast I listened to today. The host, Heather, who has lost 170 pounds, interviewed Roni, a healthy living blogger who has also lost over 100 pounds. Heather & Roni discussed how so many of us have mommy guilt when taking time out for ourselves to exercise. I've had MANY discussions with friends about this, but it is so nice to here this pair back up everything that I've been saying for years.
Need some nutrition advice? I listen to:
  1. Cooking with the Moms: Two Registered Dietitians, Liz and Janice, share their recipe makeovers and tips for picky eaters. 
  2. The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips: Monica Reinagel offers up some quick and simple tips to upgrade your eating habits. 
Listening to podcasts, and reading blogs, keeps me motivated and focused on my health and fitness goals.

What do you do to keep motivated on a daily basis? 

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  1. During my 2 hour run today, I listened to a few episodes of the Half Size Me podcast. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!