Monday, July 19, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

We have hit the Dog Days of Summer in our house....and the house pet is a mutt, not a thoroughbred. For the girls, softball is over. Swim team is in the final week. The community pool has become "boring" and there just "isn't anything to do!". Argh!

On Sunday, we decided it was time to attack some very messy, unorganized bedrooms.....which led to tears, fits and whining...and then we asked the girls to help out. In the middle of my little Sunshine's 3rd or 4th fit, we learned that some dear friends of ours had sold their home and would soon be moving away. After another 20 minutes of tears, we were finally able to re-focus on the task at hand and get the job completed.

On Monday, I left a long list of chores for my little precious angels. When my dear hubby came home from work and found some jobs unfinished, Sunshine told her dad that "they have to do everything and mom and dad do nothing" and that even though I wash, dry, fold, stack and hang the clothes (thus - they only have to put them away) that I do "the easy part". Argh!

Well, for the first time in weeks, we actually have NOTHING to do each night this week! What?!? Say that again?!?! Nothing!!!! We will all be home together for dinner. We can have dinner conversation and spend time together. What a 1950s concept!

So in order to prevent further whining, I assigned each of the girls a night to cook dinner. My oldest daughter was supposed to have dinner tonight, but it was an EPIC FAIL! She didn't check the cupboard to make sure we had the ingredients she needed. Why would I let my daughter fail like this? Was I looking forward to dinner at Perdue's? Of course, but that wasn't my purpose. I was trying to teach my kids that it takes a lot of planning to make dinner for our family and that it's very difficult and demoralizing to make a dinner which no one ends up eating.

Of course, our impromptu dinner out on the town did nothing for my personal goals. Of course, I've been REALLY lazy about those goals. So, I guess that should be my next step.....writing down my goals.

More to follow....

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  1. Ahhhh! The idea of having nothing to do each night one week sounds amazing...why doesn't it work out to be as relaxing as it should?!?!? Good job getting things organized, you will be glad that you did this when school starts and the kids have to go 3 different directions again...and your children will eventually appreciate all that you and your hubby the time they have chldren of their own at least. ;)