Monday, July 5, 2010

Lessons from on top of my Dolce Elite

After reading DC Rainmaker's blog on How to Create Courses for Your Garmin Forerunner, I was very excited to try it out. I went to MapMyRide and found a local route to download onto my Forerunner 305. The route was a simple ride from Tremont to Delavan and looped back. Simple. Easy as pie, right? Ummm, welll,.....

It didn't go like I pictured. Instead I learned some lessons about cycling and using a Forerunner 305.

  1. If you download someone else's route from an internet site, pay attention to where the START point actual is. 
  2. The Garmin does not show roads and if you don't know where the route starts, all you will get is a beep and a warning stating you are off route.
  3. The Forerunner 305 is not like the Garmin you have in your car. The Forerunner will not give you alternate directions or re-route you. I kind of knew that, but I was hoping that I could cross the designated route and it would say "OK - now you are on route". NOPE.  Gary Garmin does not work that way. 
  4. If you husband tells you it is windy out there, believe him. It's not that I didn't believe him, but DON'T DOUBT THE POWER OF THE WIND.
  5. The wind can and will knock you off of the road.
  6. If it doesn't knock you off the road, it will make you lean so far that you think your Dolce is going to come out from under you. 
  7. I discovered I know a lot more country roads in the area than I gave myself credit for. Of course, it's not too difficult when you are just making a loop around the small town that you already know.
  8. If you are riding in the country, expect to see all sorts of bugs flying at your face.
  9. Apparently, bugs like salt, too.
  10. 27.26 miles....and I'm still slow on the bike. Guess I'd better keep pedaling.


  1. Carla- Didn't know you were diagnosed with diabetes. Type 1 or Type 2? How are they treating this and who is your doctor? How are you doing with all of this?

  2. I was diagnosed as Type II a year last May. Diabetes runs in my family really strong. So far I just have to watch my eating...which is a strong motivation for exercising. With the last few months being so crazy with work, I've not been doing everything the way I should. So I've been trying to re-focus and do the right thing.