Friday, July 30, 2010

What's happened....

The charming lane I rode down on my ride last Friday
I'm a little behind the times in reporting on my workouts....since I'm such a fabulous blogger!

Training plan for July 20-25:
Tuesday       -      P90X Kenpo X, 1000 yard lap swim 5k run instead

Wednesday  -      5k run wanted to swim since I changed my plan last night, but pool was closed,  P90X X-Stretch (was just what I needed with a little bit of work stress going on)

Inspired by God's creation on my ride
Thursday      -      P90X Core Synergestics  ugh hated this DVD, 1000 yard lap swim 5k run

Friday          -      Dolce 27 mile ride  Didn't get 27 miles in since the girls wound up having swim practice

Saturday      -      Rest (Tazewell County Swim Meet) and dinner with Leber family

Sunday        -      P90X Chest, shoulders & triceps, 5k Run  Does cleaning the basement for 5 hours count? 

In summary, I guess it's a good thing I can be fairly flexible with my schedule and adapt my workouts to whatever comes up. Here is a review of this week's workouts:

July 26-30:
A good workout always results in bad hair
Monday       -      Firm Body Sculpt, 600 yd swim
Tuesday      -      15.32 mile bike ride
Wednesday -       Lake swim lightning kept us out of the water so it wound up being a rest day
Thursday     -      Firm Body Sculpt
Friday         -      Good Lord, I hope I get to run & swim tonight, but I'm working on 4 hours of sleep after having the dance team spend the night at our house

Plan for the next week leading to my OWS triathlon??? Learn how to use the MULTI-SPORT function on my Garmin 305 so I don't screw it up like I did in Tremont. 

Friday        - 5k run, 800 yard swim
Saturday    - Firm Body Sculpt, Bike Ride
Sunday      - 5k run, lake swim
Monday      - Firm Body Sculpt, Bike ride
Tuesday      - 5k run
Wednesday - Firm Body Sculpt, Lake swim
Thursday     - 5k run
Friday          - easy ride
Saturday      - Lakeland Bi-Tri Classic
Sunday        REST

Have a good, sweaty week!

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