Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wash away the stress

The sun broke through the morning dew, crisp and clear, mocking me. It's okay. I can take it. I felt a little skeptical on what the day would bring. How would things go at the pool? Would today be better?

As soon as I finished my breakfast, I went to the basement to start my P90X workout. Today's DVD was the X-Stretch. I was kind of curious how it would go since I definitely did not enjoy the Yoga DVD from a week or so ago, but today was a new day and I was determined to create a positive experience to start my day right. X-Stretch was a very relaxing DVD full of stretching exercises for the entire body. I truly enjoyed the workout. The stretches were held for a very long count almost to the point of a meditation for my mind and body. The only con to the DVD is that I think Tony Horton could have shortened the video by not stretching each muscle so many times again and again. By the time the DVD was over, I was fully relaxed and ready to handle the day.

I went to the fitness center where a disgruntled member complained about her prox card not working. "Yes, ma'am, I apologize. We are still having computer problems. Yes, ma'am, I understand your complaint. We are hoping to have it fixed this week." Grrrr. I met with our auditors in the morning providing the required paperwork. I went to the library to renew some books and DVDs.

"What's wrong with the pool?" asked the librarian. Living in a small town, I shouldn't have been surprised.
"Why does everyone think something's wrong with the pool?" I asked more than a little defensively. "We took advantage of the supposed bad weather and shocked the pool." ....moving on.....

I went to the pool.....

Our assistant pool manager greeted me with a faint smile. Uh-oh. That didn't look good. She brought the water level down to flush out the overly chlorinated water and re-filled the pool just in time Scrambled eggs and turkey hot dogs. OK, not too bad.

Finally, around 9 p.m., I found the silver lining, the advantage to my job. I was planning on going for another run at night since I enjoyed my Tuesday night run so much. The afterglow stayed with me for most of the morning on Wednesday. However, when I mentioned going for a swim, my husband perked right up. He was thinking about training for next year's Tremont Triathlon and I think he liked the idea of being able to swim for the 1st time without anyone seeing him. So instead of getting on my running shoes, hubby & I put on our suits & goggles and headed up to the pool for refreshing swim to wash away the stress of the day.

Of course, I had a real "work" reason to be at the pool. We had finally gotten our new belts for the UltraMax, which is the automatic pool vacuum cleaner which moves over the bottom of the pool at night. I needed to make sure it was no longer getting stuck on the new VGB drains.

We let ourselves into the pool and donned our goggles and me with my cap. The water was still a little cool since the heater was not running on the pool at this time of the year, but it was definitely refreshing. We swam under the moon and stars without overhead lights. The entire workout was very relaxing and almost intimate feeling. Hubby struggled with his first strokes as a real swimmer, just as I did over two years ago, but the sky was clear and the moon was shining down on us. An excellent way to end the day.

I woke this morning full of optimism only to find myself frustrated when I tried to work out. My oldest, AKA Hollywood, was asleep on the couch on the basement. Grrrr. So I brought my DVD upstairs to workout. Big mistake. I know my hubby thinks he's being funny, but I don't appreciate his little comments about me falling behind on the reps or criticizing my form. Cause you know what? I don't say a word when he is looking ever so awkward doing his workout. I don't even enter the room because I KNOW he would not enjoy it. Add hubby's commentary to Tony Horton's lack of previewing a move and strange name conventions that are no where near industry standards and I copped an attitude and gave up. I guess myself for another glorious run tonight in the darkness.

What are you doing today to move your body?

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