Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OK, scratch that

Every Wednesday & Sunday nights the Tremont Triathlon Team heads out to Lake Windermere to swim a 400 yard triangle to practice open water swims. As usual, I maintained my casually non-committal self....until I committed to the Lakeland Bi-Tri Classic. Then, it was time to commit to swimming in the open water.

Cheryl & I after the 2009 Turkey Fest 5k
Last night I twisted my niece, Cheryl's, arm and forced her to come up to my house from Springfield for the swim. My mistake. Cheryl left work early to get here in time to join the swim at 6 p.m. As she drove here, the skies got darker and darker. Wouldn't you know it? 5:45 p.m. lightning strikes. Oh brother. What to do? We checked radar and it looked like it was all going to blow over quickly. So we hung out for a while....6 p.m......6:15.....more lightning.

The open water swim was not going to happen tonight. Instead, we shared our other passion - a night at the movies where we saw "Inception". Unfortunately, Cheryl cannot make it to the OWS on Sunday. The next OWS is the Wednesday before the triathlon and I don't think she wants to risk taking more time off of work and not getting the swim in. So it sounds like I am not going to have a partner in crime for the Canton triathlon. I'm truly bummed. Cheryl & I have supported each a ton over the last year and a half, pushing each other with workouts, setting goals and completing races. I couldn't imagine going through this whole process without her. I'm so thankful to have such an awesome niece in my life as well as a great athletic role model. Lova ya, Cheryl!

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