This week has been an awakening for me. In May 2009, I was diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic. I spent a day crying on the couch and then decided to step up my exercise. I've always been an athlete and love working out. I was already training for a sprint triathlon and used that as motivation to lose 15 lbs which I did over the next few months. My doctor told me at my diagnosis to check my blood sugars once a day at various times of the day before meals or when I first get up in the morning. By his method, I was normally higher in the morning (probably 115-120) and that was it.

My first A1C was in November and I was pretty happy when it was 6. My doctor gave me a pat on the back, said keep the good work and continue what I was doing. At that point, honestly I was frustrated with poking my fingers and quit daily monitoring. My rationalization was that it was only high in the morning and it was a pain to check my sugars when it always told me the same things.

Over the few months, I started training for a half marathon. I stopped losing weight by this time, but felt good about my exercise level. I had my 2nd A1C in June. It was 6.9. I was concerned about my increase but attributed it to returning to work full time (60-70 hrs/wk) and not eating as well as I should. But my rising A1C bugged me.

I read an article in Diabetic Living which said if you really wanted to pinpoint your high sugars you need to monitor before and after meals as well as exercise. So, that's what I started doing this week. As usual, my early morning readings are in the 115-120 range. After meals, still not bad 139 1 hour after meal, 111 2 hours after meal. However, exercise is throwing my body for a loop.

I normally workout in the morning. Last Tuesday I ran 6 miles and my BS was 147. OK, fine. A little high, but it made me curious. Thursday I ran 3 miles and my BS was 226. Holy Moly! Today I ran a 10k (6 mi) race. I ate a banana 5 minutes before the start hoping that would help. Ran my 6 miles - not quickly mind you. I will never be fast, but at least I'm doing it. We walked to my car about 15 minutes after the race completed and I took my bs: 350! 

I am not currently on any medications. I have not been to an endo. BUT I will be calling my doctor this week to discuss this. I'm wondering if my "endurance training" is what caused my A1C to rise last June.

I'd love to here feedback from anyone. I am going to continue to monitor my bs better. I'm also going to try and exercise at night since I was another posting about how changing to evening workouts helped. I'm just aggravated. I feel like my body is betraying me. I'm working out very hard to keep weight off and be healthy, but it seems to be backfiring.

Thanks -