Friday, August 13, 2010

Swim like a fish

The last 48 hours have been pretty good for my body. Wednesday night I did 5 miles of intervals through town. Yes, at 9:30 pm and no, I did not fall like Sunday night. The humidity was tough though. So I decided to implement some lessons learned from Run Less Run Faster and work on some speedwork. Call me wimpy, but it certainly helped the 5 miles go by a little easier.

Thursday morning I decided it was time to re-bond with Dolce and set out on a longer bike ride. 23 miles in the humid morning and my legs were tired for the rest of the day. That night Camo-Man and I decided to head up to the pool and do some lap swimming. I can't wait for that pool to close, except that I like taking advantage of it when I need to get some laps in. So maybe a small part of me will be sad when it shuts down. I really wasn't in the mood to swim. I was in the mood to sit on my butt and snuggle with my kiddos, but Camo-Man wanted to exercise. I got into the pool and just thought I'd do a few laps. I put my head down and didn't come out until I had finished 1000 yards! That was a miracle for me! Usually, I'd do a 50 and then stop to catch my breath and go again. Now, I definitely took some deep breaths before turning around heading back, but I was constantly in movement and FELT AWESOME. It made me think I actually could swim!

Today is a rest day for me. I wanted to get into work early so I could spend the afternoon in a lounge chair by the pool. Sometime over the weekend I need to run 8 miles and it sounds like Sunday might be the better day considering the cool front which is supposed to come in Saturday night. So maybe tomorrow will be a bike ride with my Camo-Man and Sunday will be 8 miles before church and swimming that night. Who knows? I just feel very accomplished right now and very happy with my workouts this week. Yay me!

So, what are you doing to move your body this weekend?


  1. I'm so proud of you Carla!! You just keep reaching goal after goal!!!! Keep it up!!!

    I ran 5 miles this morning! I was slow though, boy it's hot! After 12 days of the 1000 mile challenge I am at 46 miles (38 running and 8 walking). A good pace to start, but let's see if I can keep it up in the winter on the hamster wheel.....

  2. What day did we start this challenge? I wasn't sure.So far in August I've run 29.1 mi, biked 67.55 mi and swam 4120 yards (or just over 2 miles).

  3. I have August 2nd as the start date...keep up the good work!!!