Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tuck & Roll

Disclaimer: It's probably a good thing only a few people read my blog. Those few people are friends and family who accept me for the awesome things they love about me and they wisely ignore the things that annoy them. For instance, I say shocking things at inappropriate moments. (You will read an example in my Lakeland Race Report.) I flip off friends when they tease me. I'm pretty honest about my feelings and therefore relish a blatant personality like that of RBR.  So, because you are reading this and are probably my family or one of my few friends, you will forgive me for one of my annoying traits which will be displayed in all its glory below. My potty mouth.

Me on the Medieval Torture Device -
The Rack 
I don't know why women love to shop. I really don't. Now granted I may get more pleasure from shopping when it is for me - workout gear, technology toys, new running shoes, or fun things like that - but when you have to take kids shopping for back to school clothes and supplies, the entire affair is quite torturous. Just hang me up in the rack. The only positive note from the whole day was our lunch - soup, salad and bread sticks at Olive Garden - and the book I bought Run Less Run Faster. After six hours of shopping, I was exhausted. I was supposed to participate in the T3 lake swim at 6 p.m., but  I barely got home in time to have dinner...and once I sat down, I couldn't convince myself to get back up.

Instead Camo-Man and I tackled the mounds of laundry which needed to be put away as we watched 40 Days and 40 Nights, starring Josh Hartnett. And I'm sorry, but Josh Hartnett is hot. There is something about his sweet smile and All-American good looks. But, ok, back to the point....

I was finally able to convince my lazy tushy to get dressed and go for my 5-mile run. Because of the late hour, I started my run a little too quickly, without any warm-up. Mmmmm, bad decision number one. My hamstrings were still really tight after my cramps during the run portion of the Lakeland Bi-Tri Classic. As much as I would love to report that I was flying like the wind over the streets of my small little town, alas, I cannot. My legs were tight. The air felt humid and I probably should have taken today completely off.

Some of the streets in my little corner of the world are not very well lit. I try to avoid the darkened back alleys around town, but sometimes the lack of oxygen to my brain causes me to do things which are not very smart. About 2.5 miles into my painfully, slow run, I noticed a car with its bright lights on coming to a stop sign ahead of me. Regardless of what you might think lights on a car coming at you actually causes large shadows on the road - and your mind to go dumb as you stare like a deer in headlights.

"F---" "s---"-beep beep beep. It's definitely a good thing I was a tumbler in my youth. TUCK & ROLL. Yep,  I bit it. My left ankle turned as I stepped on the unfinished curb at the curve in the dimly lit road. I fell headlong on the road, tucking into a nice barrel roll and popped back up. With the exception of a little skin lost on my knees and hands, I didn't think I had any permanent damage. I walked a few steps to walk off the jarring sensation while I watched the car at the stop sign graciously dim his lights and continue on his journey, thankfully not stopping to see if I was seriously hurt. Although I am sure, the driver and his potential passengers were enjoying a belly laugh at my expense as they picture me rolling on the ground again and again. Nothing fuels a workout better than a wounded pride. Now there was absolutely no chance that I was going to cut my run short. Of course, I watched the road a little closer now remembering my fall last August which sidelined my exercise for a week. I certainly didn't want that to happen again since I had just registered for Abe's Amble 10k in my hometown on August 22nd.

So far my ankle seems no worse for the wear; however, I feel a twinge every once in a while and hope there won't be any repercussions in the morning. I guess it's time I get back to running in the morning so I can see the road. Good Lord, could you imagine if I fell in broad daylight? I prayer that never happens.

In hopes that you are well - and that you, my dear friend, were not the person in the car laughing at my expense - I bid you good night from the late night runner with a potty mouth.

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  1. Yikes!! I wasn't the one who was out there driving w/my brights on! I've had moments of my own like those, aren't we our own worst enemies?? Glad to hear it was only minor, be careful out there!!