Monday, August 23, 2010

Workout Plan for week of the Guinea Pig - Aug 23

It's a busy week this week as the kids are getting into their fall activities and school schedule. Already we've had a 3rd grade meltdown, a 7th grade temper tantrum and a sophomore gloat. Yes, Hollywood thinks she's on top of the world and the most important person out there. As her mom, I can't necessarily disagree, but I don't want her head to get too big.

This week is my Great Guinea Pig week. I have just become my one science experiment. After yesterday's freaky 350 blood sugar (bs), I've decided to try some different things this week. I'm going to workout at night instead of in the morning. I've read some diabetes forums which state that evening workouts don't cause the blood sugar spikes like morning workouts do. I took today as a rest day since I'm having my cholesterol checked in the morning and need to fast tonight. I didn't want to workout this evening and then not be able to eat after I burn off all of those calories. Here is my plan for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: 5 miles easy (pm)
Wednesday: Bike ride (am) - Can't work out at night, but need to get a workout in
Thursday: 5 miles moderate (pm)
Friday: Bike ride (am) - 1st home football game Friday night and I have to watch Hollywood dance!
Saturday: May try to run 8 miles in the morning. If not, I'll plug something else in (maybe a swim?), but my first choice would be doing the 8 miles Sunday early evening. So, we'll see when the 8 miles gets done. It just need to be done.

So, there's my plan. Time to get my sweat on!

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  1. Your plan looks good. With the girls back in school it should be easier to get a routine going. Time to get organized so that you can take care of you. Those girls need you to be healthy so you can handle all of those meltdowns and tantrums. Let me know how I can help you! Love ya!