Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fall Races

What else would you want to be doing at 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon? We picked up Hollywood at the ISU Dance Camp today. She's gotten about 4 hours of sleep each night, but the camp was a great experience for her and great bonding time for the team. Plus, she came home with some bling, bling, so how much better could that be for my little dancer?

We got home about 1 p.m. and she proceeded to collapse on the couch. She's heading out to Senior High Late Night camp in about an hour now. She needs to sleep or she will be an absolute bear by the end of the week. As she is catching up on her sleep, I am doing her laundry so she can re-pack her suitcase in a few minutes and be ready to head out the door. So, I decided to look at a few races for the fall.

Here are some of my options:

Stovepipe Sprint Triathlon on August 14th - running with Honest Abe through New Salem.
Abe's Amble (10k) on August 22nd - Back in my hometown!
Pumpkin Classic (10k) on September 18th - Definitely have to do this one!
Xterra Illinois Wilds Off Rode Triathlon on August 21 (probably not going to happen - putting it on my bucket list though)
Charleston Challenge Duathlon on September 25th - maybe with my awesome hubby
(WDW Wine & Dine on October 2 - I'm already signed up for this one! The race is at capacity!)
Screaming Pumpkin Race on October 29th - sounds like a fun one - a late night run through the cemetery
Canal Connection (10k) on Nov. 7th - This race is in Utica, IL where I go for my scrapbooking weekends.
Frostbite Festival 10 miles on Dec. 5th - What a great way to celebrate Cheryl's birthday!

What do you think? Are you in? Sounds like a great way to wind up 2010!


  1. Where is the Screaming Pumpkin Race!?!? That sounds like a blast!!

  2. The race will be held in lower Glen Oak Park across from Woodruff High School. Parking across the street at Woodruff High School. Do you want to come back "HOME" for it?

  3. Let me find out what our fall schedule will be for the kids...I'll definitely keep it in mind, it sounds like a fun time!