Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This post means so much more considering the past 48 hours. I am so thankful for my life, my family, and my friends. I am thankful for a loving Father in heaven who will comfort those in need.

I planned a 4 mile run on Wednesday morning with a lake swim that night. My morning run got derailed by an eye emergency with Diva Princess. On Tuesday evening, she flipped a blanket and a sequin from her purse got into her eye. Camo-Man pulled out the sequin, but Diva kept telling us her eye still hurt. I thought the lining of the eye was irritated and told her to go to bed. In the morning, her eye was swollen and red. Finally, after a trip to the doctor, Wal-Mart and back home, I saw a rather large piece of iridescent cellophane stuck to her eye. After a few frantic moments, Diva was finally able to grab the cellophane and got it out of eye. We both did a happy dance!!!! By this time, it was 11 and my morning run was called off. I still had hope for my evening swim, as long as the storm held off.

Unfortunately, life derailed me again. Last week, my friend's husband went to the dermatologist to have a mole removed from his inner thigh. Unfortunately, the news was not good. After a few more tests, they discovered he has melanoma which has already spread to other parts of his body. Instead of getting in a final lake swim, I spent the evening with my friend listening to her go through all of the emotions associated with hearing such tough news. All I could do was sit there and listen. Nothing I could say or do would change the fact that her husband would soon be in the midst of the fight of his life.

So as you can see, not getting a workout in on this Wednesday does not really matter in the whole scheme of things. Please Pray for J. He will need all of the prayers you can send his way.

I am thankful for a strong, healthy body.
I am thankful for an incredibly supportive husband.
I am thankful for 3 daughters who are each so completely different.
I am thankful for a healthy family.
I am thankful for friends who are always there for each other, especially when the chips are down.
I am thankful for medical technology which gives patients hope.

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