Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Workout Update

Friday     - Rest day since I only had 4 hours of sleep after having the dance team stay over last night.
Saturday - 4.71 Run/Walk with Camo-Man and Diva Princess on the Morton Bike Trail
Sunday   - 12.12 mile bike ride, 1320 yards of lake swim (yay me!)
Monday  - Firm Cardio Sculpt (legs were too tired to do Body Sculpt), 4 mile run
Tuesday - a light recovery bike ride for tired legs, just under 8 miles. Here is morning bike route:

Tonight I think I am going for a walk with a dear friend. Last week her husband had a mole removed and found out it was melanoma. The doctors brought him in for a ct-scan and blood work last weekend. They are worried the cancer has already spread. The doctor already found a large lump on his hip. Whatever you believe in - karma, Buddha, or our Lord in Heaven, please pray for this young couple as they wait to find out the results from these tests. My friend's husband is fearing the worst.

God be with you all. Be safe, healthy and happy with the time the good Lord has granted us on this planet.

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