Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 SMART Goals for 2010

1. Exercise – Like so many people, I have a goal to exercise regularly, but having this as a goal is not really fair. I already do exercise regularly. 5-6 times per week. Just because I currently do it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a goal for the upcoming year.

2. Keep a food journal. We’ve all heard it before. Keep a journal to keep aware of what fuel you are putting in your body. According to an article in Diabetic Living (Winter 2009, p. 64), “A 2008 study of almost 1,700 people found that those who wrote down what they ate and drank for six days a week lost twice as much weight as those who did not.” I am just as guilty as the next person. I think I am aware of what I am eating until I sit down and realize that I just mindlessly shoved 3 cookies in my mouth in the afternoon instead of paying attention to my body and giving it what it really needed.

3. Register for a race per month from March (maybe April depending on weather) through December. I am hoping to do the Delavan Frostbite Classic Half Marathon in March, but that is weather dependent. I’ve signed up for the sold out OneAmerica 500 Mini-Marathon on Mother’s Day weekend and the Disney Wine Dine Half Marathon at Walt Disney World in October. In addition, I will definitely be doing the Tremont Triathlon on June 26th. I’ll be watching a few races sites to see what other opportunities are out for the remaining months.

4. Track distances for running, biking and swimming.

5-7 Create monthly plans for dining, exercise and finances. If you missed the Suze Orman guest appearance on last season’s The Biggest Loser, you missed some pretty good statistics on obesity and finances. Now, my dear husband made fun of every line Suze had on the show, but in all honesty, I know there is a direct correlation between my weight (i.e. dining out and being lazy) and my finances. When my food is out of control, my weight is out of control. I am usually in total denial about where my money is going about the same time I am in denial about why my pants feel tighter.

8. Create a monthly plan for housekeeping duties. Life gets in the way. A LOT. So sometimes swiping the toilet doesn’t happen as regularly as I want it to.
9. Complete at least two scrapbook pages per week.
10. Work on genealogy at least two times per month.

All of this adds up to someone with a balanced life. That is my ultimate goal. To have a balanced, fulfilled life while providing a nurturing Christian home from my family. Over the next few weeks, I am hoping to flesh out some of those goals with some SMART objectives: S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Attainable, R-Realistic, and T-Timely.

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