Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 – a year to jeer or cheer?

It’s hard to believe that another year is coming to a close. Is it really almost 2009? I still feel like it could be 1980-something….I am in denial that I am a woman of a certain age which is considered “middle aged”. Ugh. I hate that word. But let’s look back at another year and see what lessons on life we have learned.

January – Swimming is not easy. As a kid, you thought it was so much fun to splish splash in the water. Now, swimming has turned into a form of exercise. It takes the fun right out of it.

February – I love to be a coach and mentor. Every winter I coach 5th & 6th grade girls travel volleyball which is a sport that I truly, truly love. I want to pass that passion on to the youth of our small, little town.

March – Relaxation is good! We went to Orlando for spring break and really enjoyed the relaxation. We didn’t do a heck of a lot except sit by the pool. We did visit a couple of parks, but we didn’t kill ourselves with a break neck pace. Thank goodness for vacations!

April – I love my job. I really enjoy my job at the park district…especially when it’s busy which always happens at this time of the year. I started my career as a computer programmer which was an interesting career, but sitting in a cubicle with my computer screen was not quite as fulfilling as interacting with people. Of course, being the busy time for me, I swayed from my triathlon training and questioned whether I could do it this year or not.

May – I’ve become my mother. In May, I discovered I was diabetic. Not pre-diabetic. Not borderline. D-I-A-B-E-T-I-C. I shed a few tears over that one, but in the end I decided this was God’s way of saying “Don’t give up on the triathlon. It’s time to hard boot your training.”

June – I AM A TRIATHLETE! Oh my gosh, I so loved running in the Sprint Triathlon at Tremont. Words cannot express how happy I was to complete my first triathlon. I met my goal time. I finished with a smile on my face…and a desire to buy a new bike.

July – I am a goal oriented person. With no races sitting in front of me, I became a slacker. I was still running, biking and swimming, but my intensity was lost. So, I signed up for the Canton Triathlon in August.

August – I still need to work on my swim. I competed in the Canton Triathlon which is an open water swim. I read all about the people who freak out when they do the open water swim. I was extremely nervous, but I prepared….I thought. I took my first few strokes and had to flip over to a back stroke. I was convinced I was going to drown because I didn’t have a huge amount of faith in my swim ability. As soon as I finished the swim, I felt a huge relief. I finished the race in OK time, but my swim took away from my enjoyment of the race.

September – I like a schedule. After a free form schedule for the summer, I know that I need to follow a schedule. Now that the kids are back in school everything just seems to fall into place better.

October – I am IN my 40s. I know this shouldn’t be a huge revelation, but there is a difference between 40 and 41. And I felt great to be 41 and getting my body back into tip top shape.

November – I love my family traditions. We were in Disney World for Thanksgiving this year. Jeff really hated being away on Thanksgiving. He wanted to be home smoking a turkey for the family. Ha. I didn’t miss that. I missed Black Friday. Getting up at 4 a.m. and going shopping with my sisters and nieces…fighting through the crowds to get hard to find item at a great deal.

December – I will never again participate in a Cookie Exchange! I love my neighbor who I’ll just call her Martha. She’s an incredible woman who invited our entire neighborhood over to her beautifully decorated home for a cookie exchange. I enjoyed the company and conversation, but, really, Who needs 7 dozen cookies? They were all yummy and tasty, but I don’t need 7 dozen cookies sitting around my house at the holidays tempting me. I only participated this year because my darling husband insisted. Next year, he can go and I’ll stay home and enjoy my peace and quiet.

2009 in summary -

Overall through this year, I’ve also discovered that I like to follow a plan. It’s just making sure I take the time to make the plan. That’s the key. I’m awesome at following my workout plan. I just need to make sure I follow my food plan. That is my long term goal for 2010. Now, I need to work on making measurable short term goals to up the long term ones.

So for 2010, I’m working on a finance plan, a workout plan, a food plan, and a housekeeping plan.
Mmm, I like me a plan.

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