Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DVD-Rev: The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga

Because of the winter weather, I figured I may need to get some new DVDs in my stockpile to help me get through the winter. I did a little searching through my library card catalog and found a few DVDs that I thought might be interesting to try. If I like them, I can always buy them later, right?

Since The Biggest Loser is a hot show for anyone interested in weight loss, health & fitness or anyone who just loves reality TV, I thought I'd try a DVD by the hit show. The first to come through inter-library loan was TBL Weight Loss Yoga with instructor Bob Harper.

Now, keep in mind, I am not a big yoga buff. I've done a couple of different yoga DVDs, but have a hard time with yoga since I don't know the names of all the poses and have to wrench my neck 95% of the time to figure out where my arms and legs are supposed to be in each pose. BUT the title said "Weight Loss Yoga". So, I thought why not give it a try?

I popped in the DVD and Bob gave a little speech about the benefits of yoga. Great, got it. Let's move on. I decided to select the Maximum Results workout figuring I was already in decent shape and really wanting a challenge out of this DVD. The workout started with some easy breathing exercises and some basic moves to warm up the body. Next Bob moved into a series of poses which really challenged me. Or should I say challenged my wrists? Holy Cow! Midway through the segment my wrists felt like they needed to pop and moving from plank to a push up down to upward dog resulted in me dropping to my knees and not completing the movement. The next series involved moving from the downward facing dog into Warrior 1 & 2 poses followed by some pose I can't even remember the name.

For someone who doesn't know about much yoga, I was satisfied with my challenge from this workout. The best benefit of TBL DVDs is that they do allow you to select various pre-programmed segments to vary your workout depending on your ability. Maybe next time I need to try a different segment as my wrists did not care to carry all of my weight through 10-15 minutes of the video. I did work up a slight sweat especially as several of the poses were held for a long time. I felt a good workout in my shoulders (and wrists)! The challenge was not enough for my legs, but it wasn't easy either.

One of my issues with TBL DVDs is that the camera sometimes focuses on contestants who really don't know enough about the exercises as of yet and they are not really using good form. Beginners beware: Make sure you use proper form and identify some of the stronger contestants to follow. I kept my eyes on Ali Vincent (my personal favorite) most of the time. The taping of this DVD was apparently after her Season 5 victory and watching her strike a pose and hold it was quite a motivation for me, one of her fans.

I am going to withhold judgement on this DVD until I'll had a chance to choose a few more of the workout options.

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