Sunday, December 27, 2009

I've become a statistic

According to several recent studies, the average person gains one pound during the winter holidays. In surveys, people report the average weight gain during the holidays is about 5 lbs.
EEEKKK! During our trip to WDW, I gained 2 lbs. Now that we are in the final week of the year, I’ve gained another 2.5 lbs. As I said before, it is the most fattening time of the year.
But I am still working out. I am still enjoying the adrenaline rush after every workout and reveling in my growing muscles.

Until I hear the toffee call…

But I took care of that today. Yes, I ate some, but when I got to the point that I was disgusted with myself I threw the rest in the GARBAGE.

Yes, victory!

Hmmm, I’d hate to test my sugar level right now though.


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