Thursday, December 17, 2009

DVD-Rev: The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt

I received another DVD through the inter-library loan this week....The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt DVD. I did this workout this morning and uhhh, yah, I like it way better than the Weight Loss Yoga.
I decided to do the Maximum Results pre-programmed workout. The entire program was led by Jillian Michaels. The program started with a 5- minute warm up followed by a 20 minute sculpting segment and a 5 minute cool down.
Now, I have to say that LOVE Jillian, love, love her. She used to have a podcast on KFI which I listened to every week. The show helped me understand some of her thoughts and why she treats some of her contestants in such a rough manner. She's really not a psycho masochist. She has some level of thought process behind it all...actually a lot of thought. She's very insightful with her contestants.
HOWEVER, I can honestly say Jillian Michaels may be a fantastic trainer, but she is not an aerobic instructor. When you do aerobics, there is a certain tempo...a consistency which needs to be followed...a 4- or 8-count to follow when doing your exercises. There is no tempo, no 8-count during the Power Sculpt segments. And maybe I'm just a DVD snob, but I really like my 8-count. The 20-minute level I segment went by very quickly with a mixture of lower, upper and core exercises and with the exception of the lack of a tempo, I really enjoyed the workout....but it ended too quickly.
So, I decided rather than move into my cool down I went back to complete the Level 2 & 3 segments as well since they are each only 10 minutes long. Level 2 is led by former TBL trainer Kim Lyons. This segment consisted of completing the designated exercise and then doing a power segment were the reps were completed at double time. The segment was fine. Most of the lower body exercises were just a repeat of what Jillian completed in Level 1 with upper body movement included. The main problem with this segment is the power portion were Kim wanted you to speed up the exercise....but then later in the segment asked you to slow it down and feel the burn. Hmmm, which is it? Speed up or slow down? Kim did say some key phrases just as I was ready to put my weights aside and kept me motivated to keep going.
The Level 3 segment was led by Bob Harper. This segment was full of completely different exercises utilizing upper and lower movements. The segment ended with some core exercises which I definitely enjoyed.
One of the extra features on the DVD is the inspirational stories where some of season 4 participants told the listener about their journey. The stories were interesting and enjoyable. I hope someone out there will find them motivating.
Overall, I think the DVD is a good one which I will use again and again.

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